Is your organisation interested in increasing your exposure and reach to the PropTech sector and integrating technology into your growth? Here are a few ways in how we can help! Apart from those suggested below, we can also work with you to create a bespoke solution. Please reach out to learn more!


Making a Difference

Our startup community members can speak at your corporate events and share their experiences and learnings in their startup journeys. They can also provide first-hand knowledge on what to consider when solving some of the industry’s largest pain points. We can also work with you on Pitch Battles to help connect you with PropTech start ups and help you to find technology solutions for your business.


Doing What’s Needed

Are you looking for one-off consultants who can help you understand some of the challenges you are facing in your real estate business? All our startup members do this on a daily basis and can help you understand how to approach your problem solving journey from a different perspective.


Increasing technology exposure

Looking to collaborate on marketing opportunities with other technology startups? We help you connect with startups that can help increase your reach in the digital world