ArcSite is CAD for everyone.CAD design is integral to everything around us, from the car you take to work to the house that you call home. These designs used to only be achievable by engineers on high-powered desktop computers.Our Founder, Pei Zhan, saw an opportunity to democratize CAD and allow anyone to learn this valuable skill set.Now with ArcSite, anyone with a desire to learn can design anything, anywhere.

Pricing Structure

** Billed Monthly
* Basic
$ 15 / month Per license

* Core
From $ 35 / month Per license

* Pro
$ 99 / month Per license

* Premium
$ 149 / month Per license

** Billed Annually
* * Basic
$ 10 / month Per license

* Core
From $ 30 / month Per license

* Pro
$ 85 / month Per license

* Premium
$ 119 / month Per license


Construction Management

Operating Continents

North America

Real Estate Life Cycle Phase


Customer Type

Engineers,Large Developers (100k+ sf annual),Architects,Designers

Underlying Technologies

Big Data Analysis,Software / App

Asset Class


HQ Location

Shenzhen, China

Operating Countries