Butler is a residential enhancement experience platform that seeks to improve traditional residential practices, a long-established pen & paper industry and build the future of living experience.
Innovating between the digital and physical experience, we provide a combination of cloud-based technology for our property partners and game-changing concierge experiences for our end-users.

At the intersection of real estate, technology and hospitality, our smart-tech services beyond the last mile, to the last meter.

Innovating between the physical and digital experience.

More often than ever, city dwellers are faced with hassles at their home rather than comfort, as they run back-to-back schedules for work/social activities and resultantly have no time to handle home chores. At Butler, we take care of these troubles, so a sweet home is always there for you. Particularly with our Asian roots - Hong Kong, Butler strives to revitalise the role of home in your lifestyle, giving you the peace of mind.

Company Size

11-50 Employees

Pricing Structure

Contact for a quote.


Property Management Platform

Operating Continents


Real Estate Life Cycle Phase

Property Management

Customer Type

Home Owners & Buyers,Small Landlords 1-10 Units,Medium Landlords 11-100 Units

Underlying Technologies

Software / App,Machine Learning

Asset Class

Residential Single Family Homes,Residential Multifamily

HQ Location

Central, Hong Kong

Operating Countries

Hong Kong