CREAMS (, the leading SaaS building management platform in China, is a building management super tool created by Jiangren Technology for various office buildings, office parks, and office spaces through Internet technology, helping major owners to better manage buildings . CREAMS has ten main modules including building asset portfolio, building management, investment promotion management, full-dimensional reports, lease period management, rent management, statistical analysis, authority management, workflow, and smart buildings, which can help users realize the intuitive view of building profiles, one-click Real estate release, automatic contract generation, cloud disk storage files, and full-dimensional report export, intelligent rent payment reminders, expiration reminders, big data analysis of enterprise operating conditions and other functions to achieve intelligent, informational, data-based, and secure Building management, efficiently solve the problems existing in the current building management work such as slow investment, chaotic management, and difficulty in rent collection. And through the grafting with the CREAMS broker platform, the relationship between the owner and the broker has been fully opened up.

Company Size

11-50 Employees

Pricing Structure

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Home/Building Automation

Lead Investors (VC's)

5Y Capital,Codi Capital

Operating Continents


Real Estate Life Cycle Phase

Property Management

Customer Type

Engineers,Large Developers (100k+ sf annual)

Underlying Technologies

Software / App

Asset Class


HQ Location

Hangzhou, China

Operating Countries