Operator of a short-term rental platform for shopping malls. The platform provides users with information about shopping centers and booths that are available for rental, enabling users to compare choices and choose the most suitable place to rent.
Duanzhu provides a location where companies that require a high number of customers can temporarily enter. Also, it offers venues a solution for dealing with empty space. They offer a mobile application where businesses can identify suitable venues, publish information about available spaces, and solve venue booking and leasing needs.

Company Size

11-50 Employees

Pricing Structure

Need to get a quote


Event Space,Property Management Platform

Lead Investors (VC's)

Leyi Venture Capital

Operating Continents


Real Estate Life Cycle Phase

Property Management

Customer Type

Small Landlords 1-10 Units,Medium Landlords 11-100 Units

Underlying Technologies

Software / App

Asset Class

Hospitality,Short Term Rentals

HQ Location

Hangzhou, China

Operating Countries