Youfu Technology is a technologically innovative company specializing in the research and development of real estate digital management and operation platforms. It is a popular information management platform building technology enterprise in the field of high-end buildings in China. It mainly focuses on the integration of online and offline buildings It is a national high-tech enterprise and a Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise.The service scope of Ufutech covers commercial real estate, offices, residences, hospitals, hotels, venues and other space assets. Its business scope covers the Internet operation and maintenance management system platform and IoT technology software and hardware research and development, sales, transformation, upgrades, etc. Users served by Ufu Technology include real estate development companies, property management companies, government logistics agencies, equipment and facility management companies, and asset management companies. Youfu technology information platform includes: building management and operation platform, building materials platform, real estate consultant platform, building management talent platform, Internet of Things platform, and big data information platform six major business segments. The main team includes nearly 100 people in the sales department, product research and development department, technical department, and offline implementation department.

Pricing Structure

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Property Management Platform,Inspections,Home/Building Automation

Operating Continents


Real Estate Life Cycle Phase

Property Management

Customer Type

Small Developers (Up to 5k sf annual),Medium Developers (Up to 100k sf annual),Large Developers (100k+ sf annual)

Underlying Technologies

Software / App,IoT

Asset Class


HQ Location

Beijing, China

Operating Countries