A Leader in the Global Online Real Estate Industry.
Housing Market Group is a Digital Media Company that owns and operates property portal websites, We provide property searchers with the most useful resources to find their next home.

Company Size

11-50 Employees

Pricing Structure

Prices are based on products and services


Real Estate Data

Operating Continents

Asia,Europe,Australia,OCEANIA,North America,SOUTH AMERICA,Africa

Real Estate Life Cycle Phase


Customer Type

Small Landlords 1-10 Units,Medium Landlords 11-100 Units,Large Landlords 100+ Units

Underlying Technologies

Big Data Analysis,IoT,Software / App

Asset Class


HQ Location

Wan Chai, Central

Operating Countries

Thailand,Philippines,Malaysia,Singapore,Vietnam,Cambodia,Hong Kong,China ,Indonesia,India,Japan,South Korea,UAE,Myanmar,Turkey,Taiwan,Israel,Qatar,Oman,Bahrain,Spain,Switzerland,Austria,France,Italy,UK,Germany,Denmark,Belgium,Netherlands,Sweden,Finland,Norway,Canada,Argentina,Brazil,Uruguay,Venezuela,Sri Lanka