At Modelo, we are building a platform for architects and designers who already work with complex 3D design software like Rhino or Revit. Founded by an architect and an industrial designer who were fed up with the tools available to them, our mission is to bring joy and efficiency to the collaboration, presentation, and project management functions of creative design teams.

Company Size

1000+ Employees

Pricing Structure

** Plans
* Free
- $0 Per user, per month
* Basic
- $0 Per user, per month
* Business
- Unlimited users and flexible storage tiers


3D Mapping,Construction Management

Operating Continents

North America,Asia

Real Estate Life Cycle Phase


Customer Type

Medium Developers (Up to 100k sf annual),Architects,Large Developers (100k+ sf annual)

Underlying Technologies

VR / AR,Big Data Analysis,Software / App

Asset Class


HQ Location

Shanghai, China

Operating Countries