OpenSpace is the global leader in reality capture and AI-powered analytics for builders with projects of all sizes. With OpenSpace, you can easily capture a comprehensive visual record of your jobsite to verify work-in-place, simplify dispute resolution, and keep teams accountable. Our AI-powered computer vision and analytics tools give your team the visibility and insights they need with the power to compare BIM to as-built, automatically track progress, and stay on schedule. OpenSpace streamlines workflows for better communication, smarter resource allocation, and faster decisions. More than 100,000 users in 91 countries rely on OpenSpace to get the job done.

Company Size

201-500 Employees

Pricing Structure

Your OpenSpace subscription price is based on the products you need and the amount of construction you do. We calculate your price based on your annual construction volume (ACV) times a rate for OpenSpace Capture, and a different rate for OpenSpace Track.


3D Mapping,Construction Management

Lead Investors (VC's)

GreenPoint Partners,Taronga Ventures,PSP Growth,Alkeon Capital,Menlo Ventures,Lux Capital,National Science Foundation

Operating Continents

North America

Real Estate Life Cycle Phase

Dev & Construction

Customer Type

General Contractors,Designers

Underlying Technologies

Software / App

Asset Class


HQ Location

San Francisco, CA, USA

Operating Countries

USA, Hong Kong