Uhomes is an internet-based company. It operates an online platform that provides property information for students. The company’s services range from real estate to selling plane tickets and airport pick-ups. Uhomes was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in China.

Company Size

501-1000 Employees

Pricing Structure

Need to get a quote


Property Management Platform,Brokerage & Leasing,Real Estate Data

Lead Investors (VC's)

Translink Capital,Tianjin Venture Capital

Operating Continents

Asia,Europe,North America,Africa,OCEANIA

Real Estate Life Cycle Phase


Customer Type

Real Estate Brokers,Medium Landlords 11-100 Units,Home Owners & Buyers

Underlying Technologies

Software / App

Asset Class

Residential Single Family Homes,Residential Multifamily

HQ Location

London, England

Operating Countries

Singapore,Hong Kong,Japan,South Korea,Malaysia,Thailand,Mainland China,UK,Ireland,France,Germany,Spain,Portugal,Danmark,USA,Canada,South Africa,Australia,New Zealand,Macau