At UrbanChain, our vision is to become a core digital infrastructure enabling Integrated Urban Ecosystems - powering Smart Cities around the world.

Our solutions are engineered and built to offer unprecedented ease of integration and compatibility with urban infrastructures, empowering its providers to form collaborative and intelligent relationships at scale with their stakeholders, creating a highly connected future.

We believe an elevated future for urban civilizations will be powered by highly connected open platform propositions; and unleashed by compounding Big Data, IoT and AI technologies.

We’re on a mission to connect People, Vehicles and Places, where navigating the increasingly vibrant but complex dynamics of metropolitan living

Company Size

51-100 Employees

Pricing Structure

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Inspections,Property Management Platform,Real Estate Data

Operating Continents

Asia,North America,Europe

Real Estate Life Cycle Phase

Property Management

Underlying Technologies

IoT,Big Data Analysis,Software / App

Asset Class


HQ Location
Operating Countries

Hong Kong,Japan,USA,UK,Singapore