workplaceBETA's vision is to help our clients create and maintain innovative, sustainable and productive work spaces. Our software-as-a-service and IOT solution captures, measures, analyzes and shares information across the different aspects of our workplaces that influence culture, productivity, and efficiency to empower their clients to make the best decision for their unique workplace. By making informed decisions about their work spaces, our clients can enhance employee satisfaction, foster healthy company culture, gain reduce risk, gain cost efficiencies as well as business agility and competitiveness.

Company Size

1-10 Employees

Pricing Structure

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Property Management Platform

Operating Continents


Real Estate Life Cycle Phase

Property Management

Customer Type

Small Landlords 1-10 Units,Medium Landlords 11-100 Units

Underlying Technologies

Software / App,Machine Learning

Asset Class


HQ Location
Operating Countries

Hong Kong