Zhuangyiwang was launched in early 2009, formerly known as Decoration No.1, and renamed Zhuangyiwang in early 2014. is a high-end decoration platform under Henan Plantain Computer Technology Co., Ltd. The national operation headquarters is located in Building C, Jianzheng Oriental Center, No. 100, Shangdu Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou. is a national decoration industry portal, positioned as a high-quality decoration resource integration platform. It has opened more than 400 sub-stations, covering large, medium and small cities across the country (including some county-level cities), and the first- and second-tier cities have a higher market share. Word of mouth is better. At present, the daily average number of independent visitors exceeds 300,000, and the number of registered members exceeds 5 million. It provides decoration services for tens of millions of decoration owners in China, and has a huge influence.

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