Beijing Yunfang Data Technology Co., Ltd. collects and collects data on the entire transaction chain, including land (2.01 million+ cases), new houses (51 million+ sets), second-hand houses (134.05 million+ cases), leasing (130.31 million+ cases), legal Shots (2.1 million+ items); multi-source data from real estate management bureaus, land bureaus, taxation, trading platforms, banks, appraisals, brokerage companies, etc., established dictionary data covering 366 cities, 700,000 communities, and 170 million households. The real estate online valuation system’s housing estimation model has undergone four iterations, using AI+GIS technology, integrating 7 types of valuation model algorithms and multi-dimensional special factor corrections, the valuation accuracy rate of active communities is 95%, and more than 90% of the communities can Automatic value generation, valuation accuracy and data coverage are far ahead in the industry. Yunfang Data Co., Ltd. independently develops the real estate online valuation system, which covers the whole life cycle of the real estate mortgage business, and provides banks with pre-loan customer acquisition, online real estate automatic valuation, risk control internal evaluation, community rating, and evaluation business distribution management , Collateral value real-time monitoring, Collateral address standardization, Collateral value batch revaluation and other services

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